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Available Kittens

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All kittens found in this area are available for deposit! Kittens will be up to date on their shots, vet checked, and cleared to go home! Kittens come with a one year health guarantee for any genetic defects. To learn about our health testing please visit our home page. We offer a discount per kitten for pairs, as it is in the best interest of every kitten and makes for a happier pet, with double the cuddles! Our currently available kittens are located in Washington Mo.

Spring Babies 

Belles kittens are so very sweet and majestic! We currently have two females available for deposit.

 *Blue Mink Lynx (Auga eyes)

 *Solid Blue Lynx (Gold eyes)

February 8, 2024

$1800 each

Located in Missouri with included delivery to IN, IL, OH 

Baby Photos



First things first, let's plan a video call at your earliest convenience to meet each other and see our lovely fluff balls! We prefer to meet each adoptive parent so we try to deliver or meet personally! We do have couriers available for travel needs if I am unavailable! Delivery is not included in the price of your kitten, and delivery or pickup needs to be planned within 48 hours of placing your deposit. 

OMountain Dolls requests a $300 non-refundable deposit to reserve your kitten. This can be placed via Zelle or Apple Pay unless other plans are made. The remainder is due upon delivery or pickup in a final cash payment. 

We have a contract to be viewed upon placement of deposit to be signed at pickup. A copy of our contract can be viewed upon request. 

Reasons you’ll love your OMountainDoll kitten starts with the fact of the amazing breed! Ragdolls are so soft, hypoallergenic and have a puppy like personality! When your perfect kitten is selected, he or she will warm up to their new environment quickly and be a forever friend for the entire family! Ragdolls are great with kids. I have a toddler and a new baby so this is tested often! They are also great with existing cats, dogs and future pet additions! 
What gender kitten you select is determined on the personality you are seeking! Males tend to do better with busy homes than females, and love many owners! Males also do great in quiet homes and will love their person more than anything! Female kittens bond especially hard to one person, sometimes two, and will always be as near to their person as they can be. Kittens absolutely thrive in pairs, due to their natural instinct to be in groups.

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