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The Purrrfect Friend

OMountainDolls is a trustworthy breeder currently located in Missouri near St. Louis. We are also happy to announce the love of our breed has infected our family, and we now have kittens also in South Fulton, TN near Paducah Ky.  Our cattery is TICA registered and dedicated to breeding healthy kittens as well as a focus on personality to ensure personalities passed down come from the most loving parents and best pets we could ask for! We are a military family and move every three years which means for returning members of our fluffy family may be surprised as our location changes from time to time! We have family in Indiana and Tennessee and offer discounts on travel charges to these locations. 

At OMountainDolls we are passionate about our pets, including our kittens who we grow to love individually! We love helping people find the perfect new addition for their families and enjoy a reputation as a kind and loving breeder. We are here to help you through any part of the adoption process and beyond!  Find out more about us and about our perfect ragdolls below, who will bring joy to you as they do our family!



What Drives Us

At OMountainDolls we pay detailed attention to the health and well being of every kitten and cat in our care! We have taken steps to ensure FCoV free kittens, which in the world of purebred kittens is not a small achievement.  Our cattery also tests and prevents FeLV, FIV, heart worms and all other parasites. 

We test all adult cats in our home genetically for PKD (Polycyctic Kidney Desease) and HCM, (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy), along with 54 other common genetic defects in cats. We use Mycatscan and will happily provide this information on the parents of your kitten upon request. 





Nala is the queen of the castle. She is always looking for her king and is the most involved mommy! She loves to be with them 24/7 and if she doesn’t have kittens, she will be looking for others to cuddle! Nala has big beautiful eyes and a baby doll look to her face that we adore!



We love all our animals at OMountainDolls, but Beast is one of the most true to his breed we have ever seen! We refer to Beast as Papa as his soul is that of a cuddly daddy who is there to help his babies learn! He has a wonderfully cheeky disposition and is always looking for your hand to pet him! Papa likes to be up high so he can be where you can't avoid stopping to rub his tummy!



Zachariah is our up and coming star! He is absolutely massive, and has the best personality. Of all the kittens to grace us with their presence, Zackie is the most bonded to us, and has the best personality that I want to replicate in his kittens! Zackie lets our toddler "cuddle the crap" out of him!

Happy Forever Homes

At OMountainDolls, we pride ourselves on providing excellent - and transparent - service. If you’d like to get an idea of some of the experiences families have had, take a look at the selection of testimonials below.


Indiana, Terre Haute

Our whole experience was outstanding and we couldn't have asked for better people to purchase our kitten from! We were sent numerous updates along with pictures and videos while waiting for our boy to be picked up. We were shown both parents and had a chance to interact with each cat as well as see firsthand the space that the mother's and kittens are kept. It is a wonderful home and setup for these kittens and adult cats. They are truly loved pets. We love our Tiberius boy and are happy to recommend OMountain Dolls! 😻


Illinois, Effingham

We have now 2 kittens from OMountainDolls as of 12/26/2021! Such a wonderful experience the 1st time…we returned for another beauty 7 months later.  Same updates daily from birth and photos all along the way till she came to her new home. 100% recommend!!!
Awesome experience! Kristen is wonderful to work with. Updates and photos from the time of birth through arrival of kitten to new home! Highly recommend!!!


Wisconsin, Milwaukee

I can not say enough wonderful things about OMountain Ragdolls! I greatly recommend working with this incredible breeder.  Not only was she a wonderful person to work with, the kittens she raised that I adopted are healthy and have adjusted to their new family almost immediately, thanks to the care and love this breeder provided.  I have been a breeder, worked with breeders and showed cats year ago and as much as I loved my kittens back then, even I wasn't as good as OMountain Ragdolls!  If you want a couple of furry babies to love and fill your heart, you'll get those at OMountain Ragdolls.

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